1983-1986 : workshops modelling: Rik Van Schil,Vaalbeek

1987-1988 : plaster workshop: Jules Menten, Lubbeek

1991-2005 : Student at S.L.A.C, Leuven

-SCULPTURE: Wouter Mulier and Klaartje Sterckx

-CERAMIC: Ann Renders and Fabienne Loyens

-DRAWING: Peter Van Eyck.

2001: workshop sculptural ceramic: DE CIRCEL, Brasschaat.

2004: workshop bronze: Studio Lemarez, Rotterdam.

2010: workshop abstract ceramic: Elke Matthijs

2018: projectatelier at S.L.A.C, Leuven



After being trained as a sculptor and a ceramist, I have been creating abstract sculptures using clay. Form takes precedence over colour and texture, unless they contribute to the subject. I prefer white chamotte clay to create more shadow and depth. For texture I use scraped chamotte clay. I try to express my emotions in my sculptures like passion, love, protection, development, etc. I draw my inspiration through social and mass media, during holidays, through nature (stones, shells, flowers, nuts, etc). I omit the minor details to create a simple and pure form.